“Okay Doc, Take A Seat…May I Help You?”

I have worked with many physicians over the years and have developed great relationships with quite a few. As I share information through work engagements, presentations or just chatting, we both often leave the conversation with a new perspective on documentation. Not only do we gain valuable tools to put to use in our day to day but more often than not, we glean a better understanding of the challenge of being a physician in the world of revenue and documentation integrity. Physicians have been undergoing a dramatic transformation and the rate of intensity is somewhat profound. Absolutely, physicians have always had to stay abreast of new treatment methodologies, regimes, and diseases but this is much different. The shift for physicians is not only within how they operate but also how they focus on the center of their life commitment; you and me (the patient). The physician has to provide exceptional, quality care, interact and engage with colleagues, customers, patients, all while leaving a trail of information that is secure, valid, reliable, understandable, and billable. Going forward we will focus on physicians and other healthcare professionals offering “DocBytes”.  It’s all about documentation and this is a conversation we must have in all aspects of healthcare. Physicians will be an initial focus but the goal is to help all our healthcare protégé’s in their work to allow time for physician-centric and patient-centric clinical activities. After all, that’s what we’re here for right…stay tuned, I think we’ll start with the EHR.



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